:: work list ::
    (chronological order by type) 

:: Concert Works ::

Discreet Observations for your Family's Peace of Mind. (2015- in progress)
for  5-8 performers, video and live electronics

Experiments in Opera I (2015)
for bass, drums guitar and vocals

Endless Shrimp (2015)

for two performers, kitchen instruments, and video

Guillaum de Saint Cloud Suffers a Violent Dazzling (2015)
for two shoe-box cassette players, The Helen Bailey, and electronics

Heartful Bird, Vivid and Great in Style (2014)
for two performers, melodica, percussion, kazoos, oscillator, and green screen effects.

Witford Rimley and his Robotic Dog Seize Burgerking in a Bloodless Coup (2013)
for one (or two) performers and two transducers

TwisTisch (2012)
for two performers, music boxes, matches, egg cups, woodblocks, forks, tap shoes, and amplified table top.

Captain Picard eats a Sandwich Seductively. (2012)
for mime and tape

Tausendteufel + Humm (2012)
for voice, amplified piccolo, amplified violin, piano, percussion and tape.

On Silence : for Juraj Kojs (2011)
for two performers, tea kettle, glockenspiel, modified gloves, gaming buttons, metal ball and electronics.

Interlude NCDC (2011)
for  voice, violin, cello, bass, piano, and percussion.

Gnomon (2011)
for violin, bass flute, melodica, 3 music boxes and electronics

Skitter (2010)
for four performers, tape and noisy objects

Rot Blau II   (2010)
for two identical performers, lights, cups, oscillators and transducers.

Rot Blau I   (2009)
for two identical performers, modified gloves, lights, cups and mouth lamps.

fivefivefive  (2009) [ 7' ]
for solo cello

:: Rituals and Processes

Auto Process I :: Odd Bilious Guts (and Porny Donuts) (2015)
for Human Tuba and Midi Tuba

Auto Process II :: Ask Yourself What Drugs Are (2015)
for Vocalist , Slide Projections and Electronics

Ritual II :: Resolve :: Dissolve (2012)
for four performers and video

Ritual I :: Commitment ::  BiiM  (2011)

for performer with snare drum, light and tape.

:: Fixed Media ::

For Yasunao Tone (2015)
for damaged Laser Disc

Public Access Series (3 videos: Demons, Crying Man, Sexy Breakfast) (2014)
video installation

Butter Mania  (2012)

IGLOO!  (2010)
sound installation for inhabitable structure

Why You Shouldn’t...  (2010)

Better than Clarence (2009)

:: Experimental Theater ::

I'll Be Seeing You (2015-2016 in progress)
    an adaptation of the BBC's  The Prisoner 

The Benevolent Insitution (2014)
an adaptation of Henry James' The Turn of the Screw
    for 3 performers, video and live electronics