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[AUTOPROCESS] :: Odd Bilious Guts (and Porny Donuts)
SD Video/ Performance: 5'30
performed by Max Murray and a computer

Auto Focus :: Auto Notation :: Auto Stabilize :: Auto Tune :: Auto Tone :: Auto Contrast ::

these pieces exploit consumer technology's automatic functions
the machine is given a task to perform at the speed of human capability.
in some cases the human is then asked to replicate the machine's interpretation of the human task.
the struggle to interpret accurately provides unexpected modes of presentation. 

 the computer is asked to automatically notate an extremely fast scalar passage performed by the human inputer. the computer is incapable of accurately displaying the correct array of notes in the notated format. the human inputer then submits the notated score to varying correctional applications which automatically assign the jumbled notation to correlate with the nearest possible metric subdivision. The human performer is then asked to play the mangled scale in unison with the computer, reassigning the struggle to the human interpreter.